Project Description

The largest building in the main square of the town (registry number of the construction 850), often referred to as the former polyclinic by the locals, is in the ownership of the municipality.  The property is for sale or rent.

It was built in the 1890s. First, it was a building of a savings bank and then there was a polyclinic in it, which served the locals and the residents of the nearby villages.

From 2003 it was owned by the municipal authority of Nitra Region and was not used any more as a healthcare facility. Under the new ownership the building was not in use at all for nearly ten years. What is more, no finances were spent on its preservation either.  This fact is reflected in its current state as well. After a lot of efforts had been made by the municipality of Komárno, the property got into the town’s ownership in 2012. The building needs extensive restoration and repair work; however, this offers the future developer greater room for inside refurbishment.

The building is situated in Gen. Klapka Square in the very centre of the town.  It is on parcel 950 in the cadastral district of Komárno. The plot with an area of 1,192 square metres is situated next to other town houses and the town hall in the historic centre not far from the so called Europe Place. The building itself is a detached one with a basement and three floors with full access to engineering networks (water, natural gas, electricity, sewage, telecommunications).

There are several restaurants, cafés and parks near the building as well as a children’s play park, a community centre, a thermal spa and several sports facilities.

There are several parking facilities nearby including a large free-of-charge parking lot 350 metres away, in front of the fort of Komárno.  The nearest bus stop is 100 metres away, thus the bus station and the railway station are both within easy reach.

Polyclinic – facts and figures
Ground space: 1,192 square metres
Building registration number: 185
Cadastral parcel number: 950
Number of ownership document: 6434
Protection category: 203 – historical monument zone
Owner: Municipality of Komárno, 1 Klapka Square, 945 01 Komárno, Slovak Republic
Ownership distribution: 1/1 – single owner

Floor space (square metres)
Basement: 1032.54
Ground floor: 1032.54
First floor: 1032.54
Second floor: 1032.54

Further information: Odbor správy majetku, Komárno, kontakty